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Plus how to become a better blogger, some free courses, a passionate blog and my favourite reads.

A word from me:

Learning about life is part of the journey and without the lows there would be the highs so enjoy the ride

What I Do

What can you expect from my blog and my courses?  Many of my courses are free, some I charge a small fee to cover my expenses. 

I Travel.

With my goal to visit over 100 countries before I reach 30, im currently at 22 so ive got sopme way to go. I share some stories and pictures from my travels.

I Teach.

I feature 3 courses with over 70 lessons covering everything from, photography, travel guides, how to become a blogger and my new course coming soon on affiliates.

I Write.

I’ve been blogging for 12 years and try to publish 1 blog per week, this is my new site so i’m starting a fresh with all my content. Ive learned how to become a better blogger.

Need Help?

If you are looking for some help or advice then please give me a shout.  I can help you promote your blog, give you some relationship advice or help with your travel plans.

My Courses

Ive been putting together a collection of course which I think will help you on you quest to become a blogger.  There are 3 courses live with another one coming very soon.  You can grab them here.

From My Blog

How Does Wine Get Its Flavor?

There’s no shortage of opinions when it comes to wine. Preferring white over red (or vice versa) is only the beginning of the discussion. Some people favor a buttery chardonnay while others opt for a crisp sauvignon blanc or a serviceable pinot gris to accompany a meal of pasta, fish or poultry. If you’re into

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What Eco Carrier Bags say about you

It is true. The eco carrier bag really does say alot about you, and your view on sustainability as a whole. It visually stands by you, for example out grocery shopping or if the bags are used to house products. If it’s for you individually or your business, your carrier bag decisions show your views

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An introduction to the custom canvas bag

Custom canvas bags are the perfect accessory for carrying your personal items. They are argued to be the perfect personal assistant, due to their versatile shape to carry many large items. For example, you can carry your grocery and retail shopping, school work, home documents, travel, and many more. Canvas bags are becoming a popular

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Cut to Size Wood: Should You Pay Extra for It

Lumber prices are skyrocketing, and if you’re a hobbyist, it might be tempting to buy whatever you can get as cheaply as possible. Unfortunately, that means some people are turning away from cut to size wood to save a few bucks. After all, sawmills and other suppliers do charge a bit extra to cut the

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Why Drink Ready-Made Cocktails Instead of Going to the Bar?

So, you just got off your last day of work before the weekend, and you’re ready to unwind with a stiff drink. You don’t want to spend time, effort, and money on buying everything to make your favorite drinks at home. So, what do you do? Do you just give in and go to the

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“ Ive enjoyed following Amy and her course, I look forward to her posts and can assure you that you will be a better blogger when you are done. ”

Carly Walters

My Story

My name is Amy and i’ve been a passionate blogger about life, love and travel for many years. I first started blogging in 1997 and it’s been quite a journey since then. I keep my blog up-to-date on a weekly basis and you can also follow me on my Twitter account here: Hello

I cover a wide range of issues in my blog from love and lifes mysteries to the people and places I encounter on my many travels. I love travelling and meeting people and I love to visit new countries and sample all different kinds of cultures and local traditions.