Planet Earth – Amazing Shark Attacks

I love the BBCs Planet Earth nature series. The first series is currently available to buy from Amazon (watch the short clip on this (non-affiliate) link too) and I imagine all other good retailers, but so far the second series is even better. Below is a 3 min clip I uploaded to YouTube (all the other clips were too short) showing super slow motion videos of sharks capturing seals. The last one is unbelievable….


One thought on “Planet Earth – Amazing Shark Attacks

  1. Going to have to disagree with your comparative views on first v second series. I’ve found the second to be very dull. The first included some truly rare (never been seen before!) footage like the snow leopard mountain chase that I watched over and over again. The second series has presented literally nothing that has not been seen on many other nature programs.

    I’ve found it to be hugely disappointing.


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