Online video sharing comparison matrix

As a companion to our upcoming eBook, “The Life Goggles guide to online video sharing”, we have released a matrix comparing the features of 25 video sharing sites. To take a sneak peak at the sites covered by the eBook, take a look at the rough first draft: online video sharing comparison.

Video comparison matrix

Please let me know of any errors and omissions, or if there are any other features that you would like to see using the comments form below. I will soon be adding whether the site allows “Quick Capture” and if they have built-in blogs. Check back later in the week for the release of the eBook! Update: This is now available here.

Thanks: The matrix partly takes data from an old Techcrunch post so partial credit to their excellent site. Thanks to FresHDV for the link to this article, and to Dean at Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech for the original suggestion. Work in progress….


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