John Chow dot com – An interesting fella

You will see from my previous recent post that I linked to John Chow dot com. I had been planning to write a review about his site for a while now, and although he has a PayPerPost deal on (where you get paid $5 to review his site) this blog didn’t meet the topics that were required. However since he offered the incentive of a link on his page I’ve decided to take a look.

John Chow dot com is a great blog, that’s my biased personal opinion, plain and simple. It almost appears to me that when explaining “what a blog is” to someone that his site is the definition of a blog. His tagline, “The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul” sums it up quite nicely. The site is often what is on John’s mind at the time, what is affecting him personally and also his business (John runs The Tech Zone). There seems to be no overall theme besides “interesting” and although some of his tags don’t help (ramblings for example), I find it pretty easy to dip in and out.

He seems to get sent a lot of free gifts, provide tax advice and takes lots of pictures of his dinner. I particularly like his apparent honesty. He seems to say what’s on his mind, and openly discusses the income he gets from the advertising on his blog.

The site is simple in layout and structure, with the simple links at the top, and advertising, links, recent posts etc in a right hand column. Take a look at his site now, or subscribe to his RSS feed. Once again, if you’re not sure what RSS is (it’s the next big thing that is already here….) then please take a look at our “What is RSS?” post.


2 thoughts on “John Chow dot com – An interesting fella

  1. I read John Chow when I can. I like his pictures of his dinner. American/Canadian size portions look great! My dinner last night doesn’t compare.


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