How to use Google Adsense

This is Part 2 in our series “How To Make Money From Your Blog”.
A great first step into the world of monetizing your blog is Google Adsense. Adsense is a system where you can embed pay-per-click (PPC) adverts on your website, such as the one in the post below. If someone clicks on an advert on your site, you receive a part of the payment the site has paid Google for placing an ad. Google receive the rest. These adverts are contextual, that means they differ depending on the content of your website, so if you blog about cars for example, the adverts displayed will also probably be related to cars.

The adverts can be customised in terms of size, location, colour, and whether it should be text, images or video, all through the Google Adsense online menu. You can even filter out competitor websites that might inadvertently appear on your blog.

The location, colour and type of these adverts is a subject of much discussion, and can make a lot of difference to the amount you earn. However there are several popular places, such as the top of your page, and in the left or right-hand sidebar. This is because people are used to clicking in these areas as they are often used for navigation. Google has some online examples of good Adsense placement.

As well as these locations, it is also possible to put them in the body of a post, such as the one on the right, or at the end (so the user has somewhere else to go). I’ve used a plugin here, called Adsense-Deluxe. A great tutorial on using this plugin is available from Tubetorial.

Tracking the performance of different Adsense blocks is easy using “Channels”. Channels are a way of distinguishing between adverts in different locations and of different types. You can then see which perform better and work out which ones are best for your blog. A later post will talk about A/B testing – a method of testing different adverts in the same location without changing anything yourself.

To join Google Adsense, use this link:

Click here to advertise on this site by joining Google AdWords (not to be confused with AdSense – AdWords allows you to advertise on other sites whilst AdSense allows you to have adverts on your site).

Part 3 is now available.


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