Win a Venice Project invite!

Competition now closed

I’m one of the beta testers for the The Venice Project (TVP) which allows you to view TV programmes over the internet. While limited in content at the moment I’ve enjoyed using it and the usability is pretty decent so when more deals are made it may be a first port of call for new shows or something you’ve missed on TV. See here and here for further details of TVP.

Anyway, logins and passwords are like gold dust but I’ve got an invite going spare, and I thought I would give it to the person with the best idea for a video blog. We’re thinking of starting to include a video blog on Life Goggles and would like to know what you would like to see and what ideas you have. The best one will win the invite and my gratitude.

Please use the form below to email your idea(s) by 29th January and my favourite will get the invite. Good luck!

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