Rocky Balboa – The Early Years: Part IV

After half an hour of Rocky IV, I thought I was watching Rocky III again. Well instead of Rocky losing the fight, it’s Apollo, and instead of Micky dying, it’s errr Apollo again. Basically there’s a big new Russian on the block – Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) and he’s huge and strong (with a very short robe too). He kills Apollo in the ring and Rocky feels guilty as he didn’t throw the towel in because he promised he wouldn’t. So off he goes to Russia for the rematch.

There’s a formula here that’s being followed, the makers love a montage and we get a treat earlier on with clips from the earlier films to the sound of Robert Tepper’s No Easy Way Out. The music is great throughout and gets you going. The whole idea is brilliant as released in 1985 at the height of the Cold War we see a brave American tackle the emotionless and technological advanced Russians. Except it actually doesn’t say that. By the end I ended up feeling for Drago as he’s a victim of the system and isn’t as unfeeling as we thought.

There are a lot of good points – Adrian gets more to do, the settings are great and the overall story is a lot of fun. However you need to switch your brain off really, compared to the first film Rocky hardly says anything and if I hadn’t seen the earlier ones I wouldn’t care about the character at all. As for the robot, don’t get me started.

Right, time to buy the soundtrack and go onto the fifth film. I’ve noticed these reviews getting shorter, I’ve got a feeling the next review won’t be an epic…


7 thoughts on “Rocky Balboa – The Early Years: Part IV

  1. I recommend Sylvester Stallone to make move in which he’ll fight Soviet Boxer

    Do I deserve any credit?
    In year 1978 I told Sylvester Stallone to make a movie in which he’ll fight the Soviet Boxer. At that time Sylvester lived in his Pacific Palisades house. Conversation took place in his kitchen while he was eating salad “Stolichni” made by me. He liked my salad, but he did not think that making a movie in which he fight Russian would be that great idea because American viewer would not care about it. I was arguing that he’s wrong about American viewer’s interest. I told him that I’m in America since 1975 and sow that there’s great interest in what’s Russian’s are all about. And due to Cold War there was some distortion of information about Russian people and there’s big thirst for more knowledge about real Russian people. I told him use that opportunity to make movie. At that time I was working as weekend governess for Sylvester and his wife Sasha… I had to teach their little boy to speak Russian and play with him using Russian games and Russian toys. I felt that their little boy had some learning difficulties at that time. I’m thinking to write a book about my life and just thought came about the incident which took a place during of the time while I was Sylvester Stallone (Sicilian, way he describe him self) So, here I’m. Please make a comment. Thank you. Valentina


  2. Yes, it’s true Aaron.
    Incident took a place in their Pacific Palisades house. When Sylvester Stallone and his family just moved in their house and were decorating.


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