Brightcove Delivers for the Consumer

Brightcove have finally launched Brightcove Personal, a consumer edition of their website that competes with YouTube, Soapbox and the multitude of others. And it’s potentially a world beater.


I found it easy to use, very fast and of great quality. If that wasn’t enough, what’s coming soon could tip it over the edge. “Aftermix” is currently in beta and is essentially a set of video editing tools built right into the browser. You’ll be able to record directly onto the site via a webcam and then edit it right there and then.

Mashable suggests that with these new features Brightcove is pulling ahead of Youtube with the launch of it’s Aftermix service. For more details, go here.

The video comparison matrix, quality comparison page, and free eBook have all been updated. The guide:

  • Quickly looks at the registration process
  • Compares their ease of uploading your own content
  • Looks at the quality of the output
  • Rates the service
  • A summary of the reviews of 28 of the top video sharing websites
  • Is FREE!

“…easily the most useful thing we’ve seen online in a long time”



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