The Online Video Editing Revolution

Life Goggles can already hold claim to The Ultimate Guide to Online Video, but what about online video editing?

With the launch of Adobe Remix on Photobucket imminent, there are a host of other sites that offer video editing tools.

Essentially video editing sites try to provide the basics and most used functions of a desktop video editing application, online. They usually allow imports from video sharing sites be imported and edited. To varying degrees you can cut, loop, skip, mix with other videos, add audio and/or other images.

Sites which currently provide at least some of these features are Cuts, Gotuit, Eyespot, Jumpcut (now owned by Yahoo!), MotionBox, Veoh, Grouper, Webshots, Fliqz, GoFish, Lycos Mix, Mojiti and Dabble.

There is a detailed comparison matrix showing what features are available from what sites. The Ultimate Guide to Online Video has now been updated looking at all these sites. Please let us know of any corrections or omissions below.


2 thoughts on “The Online Video Editing Revolution

  1. Thanks for puting together this list.

    A couple of corrections for the Eyespot listing on the Detailed Comparison Matrix:

    Eyespot does have editing tools
    and offers the user the ability to
    add other video, audio and images.



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