100 Ways To Save The Planet – Part 2

This is the second part of Life Goggles’ 100 Ways To Save The Planet. Part 1 can be found here. If you have any ideas or suggestions for part 3, please leave a comment at the end.

11. People who fill up a kettle and boil it to make just one cup of tea drive me mad. Or worse, boil it, then leave it for a bit and have to reboil it. Argh. Don’t boil more water in the kettle than you need to. If you always boil the amount of water needed for one cup rather than boiling a full kettle, you could save £30 a year.

12. Get an ethical job here. Not just for the UK, but also in Canada and America too.

13. Become a vegetarian. Not as easy as it sounds so if you can’t do it permanently, do it for one day a week. It’s said to produce one pound of beef involves 2,500 gallons of water – 40 times the amount of veg. There’s also the cost of raising cattle or other animals far exceeds that of vegetables. When you do eat meat, choose something local – it’s had less miles to travel in that CO2 producing lorry.

14. Buy an electricity monitor. You can get one from the Ethical Superstore and then measure how much electricity your using. It’s actually fun to see what happens when you switch the TV off or indeed put it on and the sight of the numbers rocketing up is enought to shock you sitting in silence – you learn to love reading.

15. Get a water butt. It’s so simple I don’t know why more people don’t have them to water their plants. I suppose it helps to have a garden and live somewhere where it rains, but if that’s you, you’ve no excuse. You can get them in all different sizes to fit your space and many come with kits to connect to your drainpipe to easily collect rainwater. Otherwise you could pick up a plastic barrell at a scrap/salvage yard and just dip your watering can in.

16. Recycle your old glasses. Life Goggles says how here.

17. Reuse envelopes. If you get junk mail, carefully open the envelope and you can always use it again, crossing out your name. It’ll also save you money. Some companies, some as EDF Energy already provide envelopes which can be reused and sent back to them.

18. Install solar energy in your home. It can heat your home as well as provide electricity. It’s not cheaper though but you can (in the UK at least) get grants to save energy. Try the Energy Saving Trust for starters but it’s worth ringing you current energy provider and asking them. Or Solar Savers could help too.

19. Get a lift to work. June 14 is National Lift Share Day in the UK at least, but you can share a ride to work or for pleasure any day, fo whatever reason. It’s estimated that the average liftsharer saves £1,000 and one tonne of CO2 every year. It’s boring driving on your own anyway.

20. Use energy saving lightbulbs. They might costs a bit more but they last a lot longer and are better for the environment. Plus the newer ones don’t take all night to light up. So your shins are safe from that coffee table.


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