Make Your Online Business More Accessible To The Blind

The BBC recently reported about, a free service that converts your documents in braille.

A Danish company, RoboBraille provides (free to all non-commercial users) a conversion service by email. You send them files in plain text, rich text, html or Word by e-mail and then shortly you receive back your information as an MP3 audio file or as electronic Braille.


Electronic Braille “can be read by a tactile display – a device connected to the computer with a series of pins that are raised or lowered to represent the Braille characters – or sent to a Braille printer”. The following can currently be done:

  • Translate documents into contracted Braille
  • Translate documents into speech
  • Translate text into visual Braille
  • Convert text documents between different character sets
  • Convert Braille documents to specific Braille character sets
  • Partition documents into smaller parts

Shortly about to add PDF document conversion, the company currently processes about 400 conversions a day, but can handle 14,000. Take a look for free conversion to braille.


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