Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 12: Godsend


As usual, this episode guide will tell you more, although the last couple of reviews have tended to be slightly negative. While everyone’s entitled to an opinion, it moans about the behind the scenes goings-on and clips that have been airing in America so it spoils the episode – that’s not the creator’s fault, more the American TV networks who sometimes even show you the best bits of the episode before it begins (see Battlestar Galactica for that).

Anyway, I finished this episode thinking that not a lot had happened when on reflection it did. Matt gets discredited, Sylar didn’t escape afterall, Claire and the Haitian continue to talk (although not much happens), Claire lets Zack know her secret again, Hiro finds the sword and loses it to Mr Linderman, Nathan and Hiro meet, Niki/Jessica story actually becomes interesting – super strength may be her power now, DL and Micah might be in trouble with the egnimatic Mr Linderman, Ted explores his powers, Mohinder and Claire’s dad meet and Peter wakes up and finds the invisible guy (Christopher Eccleston), who seems visible to Peter at least.

It’s a great introduction to the invisible guy (Claude) and I’m intrigued to see if whatever he touches becomes invisible or Peter has absorbed his powers. Also Peter seems to be predicting the future again, seeing Claude in his coma before actually meeting him.

I enjoyed the bits with Claire and Hiro’s search for the sword the most. I still have no idea where the series is headed, but I’m enjoying the ride.


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