Song of the Day – She Will Be Loved by Rhythms Del Mundo

Previously I posted about Rhythms Del Mundo, and their brilliant album “Cuba”, from Buena Vista Social Club’s Ibrahim Ferrer & omara Portuondo. However I neglected to mention some important info. For a start, the CD case and insert are all made from recycled materials and are carbon neutral, there is no plastic used. A minimum of £2 from the sale of this album is donated to the Artist Project Earth’s (APE) Natural Disater Relief and Climate Change Awareness programmes ( a registered charity).

The insert also includes a few mini-articles, “Climate Crisis” by George Monibot, “An inconvenient truth” by Al Gore, “Go out and save the World!” by Tim Flannery, “Power in our hands” by Mark Lynas, and “Climate changes Everything” by Herbie Girardet. All worth reading.

“Climate change is perhaps the gravest calamity our species has ever encountered. Its impact could dwarf that of any war, any plague, and famine we have confronted so far. It could make genocide and ethnic cleansing look like sideshows at the circus of human suffering” George Monbiot.


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