Be Nice To Each Other

It’s easily said that the world will be be a better place if people were nicer to each other. Sure, you could be nice, but what’s in it for you? Well some people have tried to find out.

By writing letters to 100 companies and spending $39, The $39 Experiment attempted to see what companies would send you for free just by being nice to them. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but suffice to say Another $39 Experiment is soon to begin.

Team Nice are trying to go further by cheering up Londoners. Set up by Lisa Akers, 100 niceties-tokens are handed out to people seen being nice, each with unique details on. The person who receives it can log on to the token website and enter details about where they were given it. Once they have done it they can pass it on to someone else who they see being nice.

Niceties Token

Go on, be nice to someone today. You know you want to!

[Partially via MoneySavingExpert]


2 thoughts on “Be Nice To Each Other

  1. It’s actually kinda sad when people start wondering what would be in it for them just to be nice to each other. But I guess the greatest motivator would be the Golden Rule. If you want people to treat you nicely, treat them nicely first. And if you’re being nice and some others aren’t, it’s their loss and not yours.


  2. Thanks Harry, you’re quite right. Sometimes it’s easier to be mean, but if you make the extra effort to be nice then usually it works out much better. But again you’re correct, it is sad if something has to be in it for you just to be ncie to someone.


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