Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 13: The Fix


While I’m still a bit bored by the Niki/DL/Micah storyline, it does raise the question of parenthood – Niki and DL have passed a power onto their son. And we learn Hiro’s father may have a power as well as Claire finding her real mother who also has a power – so while we’re just learning of some of these heroes who have abilities, some have been living with then for ages.

Matt the cop’s storyline helps to keep the story in the real world – it’s not all good. And Peter ‘s frustration with himself and Claude is a highlight in this episode and along with Hiro, their storylines seem to be the most interesting and I’d like to see where they go. Is Hiro’s father really Mr Linderman? I don’t think so, but it seems Sulu will have a part to play.

And finally, although Mr Bennet seems in control of everything the last two episodes have proven that maybe he isn’t. The Haitian as well as Eden have gone behind his back, he realises that Claire may be remembering things and the final shot of the episode has Sylar making a comeback. He must be more powerful than first thought – coming back from the dead. But then how did they restrain him for so long?

I’m sure we’ll get answers soon, but in the meantime I’m enjoying finding out. As Hiro says: “This is how we roll.”

More details about the episode can be found here.


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