So Organic Launches Own Label Everyday Basics

So Organic, the brilliant organic lifestyle shopping site, have just launched their own label Everyday Basics range. After spending months working with beauty experts, tweaking formulations and choosing the perfect essential oil blend, they have finally launched their own range of products.

“In creating this range I wanted to make products that were very natural with none of the undesirable chemicals that I always avoid, but were at the same time, highly effective and great value. All of the products are under £10, so you can use them liberally everyday.” Sam.

So Organic Everyday Basics
So Organic Everyday Basics

I haven’t had chance to use them myself yet, but we will be getting some soon and if they’re anything like the other products they sell I’m sure they’ll be great. All products adhere to this standard – No SLS, no Parabens, no Mineral Oil, no Synthetic Fragrance, no Propylene Glycol, and no Animal Testing.

Read more about So Organic here.


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