Comments and Trackbacks Now DoFollow

Just a quick update to let you know that those who leave comments (or trackbacks) to Life Goggles now receive a follow link to their website.

WordPress by default, just like other blogging platforms, automatically adds the “nofollow” microformat extension to all links on comments and trackbacks. This is primarily to stop spamming, however with anti-spam plugins and comment moderation switched on, we thought it was time to “thank” people who left comments with a link back to their site. We’ve used the Semiologic DoFollow plugin.

For more information, read the No NoFollow | I Follow | DoFollow community website.


16 thoughts on “Comments and Trackbacks Now DoFollow

  1. Hi Scott, thanks for your comment. Spam hasn’t increased at all so far, Akismet picks 99.9% of it up still so I’m happy and others are happy to 🙂


  2. It’s great that you’re allowing DoFollow! Everyone wants the search engines to follow the links through from other sites to their sites and it’s only fair that it should work the with links from their sites too.


  3. Thanks for your post, I made my blogs do follow last month and the uptick in traffic has been great and not as much spam as I thought. Good luck with your blog as we green bloggers must stick together.


  4. Thanks a bunch. I think do follow is a win-win situation. I have opened up my blog and it has worked well, i hope it is working out for you as well. Keep up the good work.


  5. That is a great thing to do, really. I have been using this features on a few of my blogs and I was afraid at start that I will be spammed, but no, people commented on regular basis, so no problem here. And you know what? It attracts more visitors based on a sympathy bases, they see you are open and they want to interact.


  6. Thank you for the tip on dofollow. We are preparing to launch our new green roof cleaning blog and I wasn’t sure how to handle the dofollow or nofollow question. It makes sense to follow your suggestion on this because the more that people are encouraged to add to the conversation, for whatever their reasons may be, the better. Even if that may mean spending a little time to weed out spammers.


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