Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 14: Distractions


So I’ve been thinking for a while what does that ‘S’ symbol mean? It’s a tattoo on Niki and on the sword Hiro’s looking for. And I think it’s on a necklace around the Haitian’s neck too.

I enjoyed this episode a lot. Mainly the interaction between Peter and Claude, but the ending too. Sylar remains creepy and as strong as ever. Did he kill someone else like Claire and can heal himself as that’s the second time he’s been shot? Then why does he need to kill Claire? Her real mother seems to have an empathy she can’t have with her adopted mother, and we get to see the damage Mr Bennet (we almost learnt his first name) and the Haitian are doing to her.

But it’s Claude who’s the standout. His methods of teaching Peter may be slightly unusual but they’re starting to work. But who is Claude? Mr Bennet seems to know the answer.

I still don’t really understand the Niki/Jessica storyline. Jessica wanted Micah back before Niki gave herself up so surely she doesn’t want to harm him? Maybe she’s evil or something so we should be worried and she’s going to kill DL.

Hiro proves that he’s not just about his power and he has a wise head on his shoulders when he speaks to his father and his sister. I like Ando as well. He doesn’t do much but adds some realism and light relief.

No Mohinder or the list this episode. Isaac seems to know a lot, taking the place of Eden but I’m not really sure what Mohinder’s role is in the show. He does seem to be one of the only people without a power in the series. Him and Mr Bennet. Or maybe Mr Bennet does, we don’t know how he escaped the cell.

Right, now I want to learn more about Hiro and the sword. I think I’m a little obsessed. Bring on the next episode.


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