100 Ways To Save The Planet – Part 3

Continuing from here and here, here are five more ways to help save the planet. If you have any suggestions, just post a comment below.

21. Install solar energy in your home. It can heat your home as well as provide electricity. It’s not cheap but you can (in the UK at least) get grants to save energy. Try the Energy Saving Trust for starters but it’s worth ringing you current energy provider and asking them. Or Solar Savers could help too.

22. Don’t throw away cigarette butts. They’re everywhere, especially outside offices. In the UK you can get fined for throwing them on the floor as it’s technically littering. It’s a myth they bio-degrade and when they finally do decompose, they release harmful chemicals into the ground. Suggestions of how to dispose of them include: stubbing it out and putting it in a plastic bag in your pocket; putting them in a 35mm film cannister, or into a Butts & Gum pouch. We actually have one of them to give away – if you’re the first to ask me below I’ll pop it in the post.

23. When deciding to put up a new fence or some decking in the garden, there are alternatives to getting that virgin wood from the Amazon rainforest. If you definitely want wood, you can buy used railway sleepers here which is a great way to reuse quality wood. However you can use recycled plastic instead of wood. A company called Marmax Products offer a range of garden furniture, including fencing and decking, made from recycled plastic. For benches, they use 2,000 plastic bottles.

24. Promote your business in a green way. Business gifts have been popular for years, looking round on my desk I have a mug, coaster, pen and stress relieving little car thing all from different companies. But these can be environmentally too. Companies like Recycled Business Gifts and Eco Incentives have pencils made from plastic cups, pens made from CD cases, mouse mats made from tyres, wine goblets made from recycled glass and even water powered calculators!


25. Use biofuels. Biodiesel comes from crops such as oilseed rape and newer diesel cars can use up to 100% biodiesel (some biodiesels have as little as 5% biofuel mixed in with ordinary diesel) – best check with your manufactuer first before filling up I suspect. It’s obviously better for the environment in both where the raw product comes from and the emissions given out. In the UK go here and in the US try here. There’s also bioethanol which is an alcohol based fuel and a 5% mix of bioethanol can be used in most cars that use unleaded.


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