Sun Power Station Launched In Spain

A 40 storey concrete tower is the focus of the latest “weapon” in renewable energy. 600 mirrors (heliostat reflectors) focus the sun’s rays onto a receiver in the tower where the heat turns water into steam that powers giant turbines.

Creating currently 11 Megawatts (MW) of energy that can power 6,000 homes in it’s home of Seville, Spain, it is hoped it will eventually power 100 times that number. It can also still generate electricity for at least an hour after the sun goes down.

A good idea?

Solar Power Station 2
Solar Power Station 1

[Source and images: BBC]


4 thoughts on “Sun Power Station Launched In Spain

  1. Excellent. Solar and wind power are still small contributors but many good efforts are underway to find ways to increase the use of both of these energy sources. Efforts like this one are experiments to find out what works best in practice and should be encouraged.


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