Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 15: Run!


Sylar (or Gabriel Gray if you prefer) is back and killing off Heroes once again (poor Zane Taylor) and Mohinder is unwittingly helping him out. The Claire storyline is getting much more complicated with her real parents both showing they care little about her. It actually seems Nathan cares more than Meredith. What is good about this part of the show is how they bring it back to reality with her foster mother feeling the effects of numerous mind wipes. Similar to what happened in Buffy I suppose, in a fantasy world, it’s the reality that makes it worth watching.

Well actually with Hiro and Ando I wish it was the other way round. I’m not sure what role Hope has in the future, but rather than Hiro and Ando bumbling around, I’d rather see Hiro’s powers in use. Maybe he’ll get them back to ‘save’ Ando.

And Niki/Jessica is finally interesting, her assassin role for Mr Linderman seems to suit her and not even another hero can stop her. I’m actually looking forward to seeing her develop and whether they’ll actually split into two people.

Even though he’s only been in a couple of episodes, I missed Claude, or more like the Claude and Peter storyline as that’s what’s going to shape the series – has anyone mentioned New York is going to blow up soon? Ah yes, Isaac but he’s not doing much about it.


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