Latest Green News

Gordon Brown has outlines plans for “eco-towns” in the UK. The BBC report that he wants 100,000 homes in (5) “carbon neutral” communities to be built on old industrial sites.

Asda introduces recycled cardboard milk bottles Asda in Lowestoft, Suffolk is now selling milk in bottles made out of moulded recycled cardboard. The sustainable packaging has been designed by Greenbottle Ltd of Framlingham, Suffolk. The milk costs the same price as that in plastic bottles, of which more than 100,000 tons go to landfill each year.

The Daily Telegraph featured edited and abridged extracts from the New Green Consumer Guide, one of which suggests that plastic bags are a better eco choice than paper bags, because paper bags are heavier and take up more space in landfill sites.

The Times reported that free plastic bags will not be available from the Saffron Walden branch of Waitrose for a fortnight. Customers at the store will instead be asked to reuse old carriers and shopping bags.

Co-op Insurance calls for cut to red tape to reduce CO2 emissions Co-operative Insurance has warned that UK companies wanting to significantly reduce their carbon dioxide emissions are being hampered by red tape surrounding green wind energy. Its concerns are shared by 10 large companies including Alliance Boots and J Sainsbury, all keen to realise benefits of wind and other renewable technologies. Local bureaucracy, poor planning guidance for councils and the lack of a long term energy strategy are among the issues concerned.

The UK insurance intermediary Budget has launched a new car insurance policy, ibuyeco, which will offset 100% of customers’ CO2 emissions as long as the policy lasts, if they pay a small additional fee. The fee is calculated according to their type of car and estimated mileage. Budget says that the charge goes towards funding categories of projects such as reforestation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. This is done via the Carbon Neutral Company.

M&S announced plans for its first eco factories, one in Sri Lanka and two in Wales, which will harness the latest renewable energy and recycling techniques. The Daily Mail also reported that the company is to start charging customers for plastic bags as part of its £200m scheme to encourage shoppers to go green.

Hotel Chatter talks about the greenest hotels in the US. Our articles on green hotels are here and here.

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