Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 16: Unexpected


Heroes keeps up such a pace that when you get an episode where there’s only a few revelations you end up disappointed, but at no point did I think this would be one of them. Even before the ‘previously’ we get to see Ted and then a new girl, Hana, with a similar power to Micah but wireless.

Signing up Matt, they form a new team to stop Mr Bennet (it’s taken me until now to realise there’s only one ‘t’ in his name). One thing Matt doesn’t mention is that he’s tried to read his mind before and couldn’t, so how does he know he’ll succeed this time?

And Mr Bennet’s not having the best time of things. Claire hates him and has her memory, the Haitian has gone off piste, Mrs Bennet could be dying and then people break into his house – again. I’m glad we learnt what the two marks on people necks are and am eager to find out more. But as hinted at before, Mr Bennet reports to superiors so we may not find out everything. I still think he might have a power we don’t know about.

The second of the four stories we followed this episode was Mohinder and Sylar’s road trip. Mohinder seems to have developed a vaccine now so his goal is to help those with abilities they can’t control. Poor Dale, we know she’s dead as soon as she meets Sylar, but has he bitten off more than he can chew? She couldn’t control her super hearing, maybe Sylar can’t either. Absorbing/taking powers might overwhelm him, although he is very powerful – he was dead once remember?

Thirdly, Hiro and Ando split up. I’m sad about this as Ando is great but at least they won’t be the comedy fall guys anymore. It’s nice to see Hiro’s powers work and that the thing with the sword may only be in his mind. And he meets Stan Lee!

And the fourth story of Peter and Claude. Why the Haitian and Mr Bennet used tasers rather than their usual method of detaining heroes I don’t know, but the result was spectacular. Claude’s teachings have helped Peter immensely and in times of stress he seems to be able to call on his powers at will. Also his ability to move things with his mind means he may have absobed all of Sylar’s powers too – even ones he doesn’t know bout. Will we see a Sylar v. Peter battle at the end of the series?

Or is Peter turning to the dark side? The use of his abilities and subsequent consequences with Isaac and Simone suggest he may be on a different path than becoming Superman.

The ending was as shocking and as brilliant as we’ve come to expect from Heroes. Can Peter save her, will she survive, what will happen next? Only the next episode will tell us and there’s only two weeks until New York explodes.


3 thoughts on “Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 16: Unexpected

  1. hi, could anyone tell me what song/songs are played in the episode? the one i really would like to find out is playing from an i-pod when Mohinder and Sylar found the body of that woman. could anyone help me please? thanks.


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