The Charity Meme – A Worthwhile Link Train

Whilst we’ve been tagged a couple of times before by other bloggers, we don’t always participate. However when Shaun at Hobo SEO tagged me for this “link train” it was finally a worthwhile one. It’s a charity link train, the idea is to help these charities rank high in Google for keywords and this is achieved simply by the type of anchor text links on this page. “Anchor text” is the text used in a hyperlink, such as “disaster relief” below. This is aimed at improving their rankings in the search results, in the first case for someone searching on “disaster relief” and so on.

The rules are simple, copy the list of charities and links (grab it from whomever tags you) and add your 5 favorite charities or non-profit organizations to the end (link to their sites with anchor text of the causes they champion). Of course finish things off by tagging 5 other webmasters/bloggers and then publishing the post or the webpage.

The meme was started over at SEO Refugee by Skitzoo.

I’ve tagged a couple of people who have taken the time to comment on Life Goggles or who I have found their site of interest:

  1. Eco Kev
  2. Adnan
  3. Brendon
  4. Yaro
  5. Tyler

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