Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 17: Company Man


I don’t know how many times I’ve said this after 17 episodes of Heroes, but it just keeps getting better and better. Company Man was great. Yes I missed Peter and Hiro (and no I didn’t miss DL or Niki), but to learn more about Mr Bennet and his past was great.

Ted and Matt didn’t seem a good team (not sure where Hana went) and Matt soon switches sides. The episode builds tension as Mr Bennet finds out about the Haitian who says he works for someone other than The Company (does he mean Mr Linderman? Is it someone else?), Claire reveals her secret to one and all and they try and stop Ted exploding.

But the real interest is in the back story. We get to see Mr Bennet’s boss – the desk guy (best name I could think of) and his boss – Hiro’s dad. The web gets stickier and sticker. We find the reason Claude is afraid of Mr Bennet and we learn a bit more about what they do.

It’s the ending that made me realise this show is so much better than even I thought. The fact that Mr Bennet choses to have his mind wiped to save his daughter was great and that he might come back as the bad guy makes it even more intriguing. It just makes me want to watch more and more, which is the point I suppose.


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