Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 18: Parasite


A BIG episode this one. We finally get to meet Mr Linderman who I doubt could have been killed by Nathan. You wouldn’t get as powerful as him and then get shot in a kitchen. I think he must have some power but not sure what’d be. Maybe he sees the future as he predicts what will happen with Nathan.

Candice’s power is pretty nifty, but as soon as I saw it I thought Mr Bennet’s in trouble, and soon enough he underestimate’s The Company.

Nice to see Hiro and Ando back together (with the help of Nathan) and importantly Hiro gets his sword but teleports to the future where nothing has changed from last time he saw it.

As well as Claire running off from the Haitian and then reuniting with him and Nathan’s mother, the other big thing is Sylar. For a moment I thought Mohinder wasn’t as stupid as I thought and he traps Sylar, but instead of getting his spinal fluid and killing him while he was drugged, he waits to talk to him and once again doesn’t realise how powerful he is.

The episode ends with Peter about to have his brain examined by Sylar. Since watching it my mind has been racing – will he go invisible, fly off with Sylar, heal himself and errr paint the future? He should technically have all of Sylar’s abilities that he stole off others so I expect he’ll fight back. Maybe Claude’s there with him, we haven’t seen him since Peter saved him.

As usual I’m left with lots of questions from the episode, but that’s the fun of it. New York still explodes, Hiro doesn’t save the day, will Peter? And what’s Mr Linderman’s role? All very good questions. I’m sure we’ll find out…


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