Raw Materials Versus Recycling – Which Is Better?

Recycling, of course, has lots of benefits such as reducing landfill space and conserving resources, but how much energy is actually saved by recycling? Compared to creating an item from the raw material, how much energy is used in creating a recycled item?

Even if you take all your recycling by car to the collection centre, the benefits still seem to add up. A Carbon Unit (CU) equals 1 kilogram of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Material Raw Recycled Saving
Newspaper 1.5CU 0.6CU 60%
Plastic milk bottle 0.4CU 0.2CU 50%
Glass wine botte 0.3CU 0.2CU 20%
Tin can 0.1CU 0.03CU 70%

[Via: BBC Focus Magazine]


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