100 Ways To Save The Planet – Part 4

Onto part 4 of Life Goggles’ guide to saving the planet. Part 3 and links to the others can be found here.Five more ideas for you. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

26. Buy re-usable nappies. Almost half a million tonnes of nappies are put into UK landfills each year – that’s about three billion nappies or eight millon a day! The Women’s Environmental Network (WEN)has a handy comparison which says you can save up to £500 a year by using home laundered nappies. This takes into account water, electricity and even a washing machines lifespan! And of course it’s better for the environment too. WEN say by washing nappies your global warming impact is reduced by 24%.

27. Limit your dry cleaning. As Jerry Seinfeld said: “Let’s get one thing straight about dry cleaning right now. It doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing as dry cleaning. There’s no way of cleaning with dry. Dry itself is nothing. You can’t use it. You can’t do anything with it. It’s not there. Dry is nothing. Are you listening to me? And we walk into these places with the big signs out front, “Dry Cleaning,” and somehow never question how they were able to put this absurd concept over on us. If I gave you a filthy shirt and said, “I want this immaculate. And no liquids!” what are you going to do? Shake it? Tap it? Blow on it? Give me a break. You almost can’t get something dirty with dry, let alone cleaning it.”

In fact liquid chemical solvents are used which are harmful to the enviroment, although the dry cleaning insustry has done a lot to improve this in the last 15 years. So if you can avoid it, then do. Also £15 for cleaning a suit is a bit steep…

28. Have a green funeral. Arka Original Funerals is one of many firms sprouting up to offer more enviromentally friendly funerals, while Ecopod makes coffins and urns from 100% recycled paper. Lovely.

The Daily Mail obviously doesn’t like this sort of thing, but their story here does at least suggest you be careful with your choice.

29. Print double sided. Sounds obvious really, but my printer at work doesn’t do it. Why not though? It saves on paper and ink so must be good for business. American office workers use, on average, 175lbs of paper every year. That can be halved by just printing double-sided. So while I’m using the other side as replacements for post-its, I’m trying to get my employer to get a new printer, however I’ve stopped short of purposefully breaking the old one.

30. Share a car to work or for please. Carpooling or liftsharing saves on pollution and saves you money too. It’s National liftshare Day on June 14 with the tagline ‘share a car and save a tonne’.

The company liftshare estimates that a typical carsharer will save themselves around £1,000 and one tonne of CO2 per year by sharing their daily journey.


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