Proposal To Generate Electricity Via A Electro-Kinetic Road Ramp

The video below shows an idea for generating electricity by cars passing over a special ramp. The energy could be used for powering street lights, traffic lights and other road signs.

Some comments seem to think it would be wasteful if used anywhere but on a downward slope where it would also help the car slow down a little. Visit Boing Boing or sugiero for further details.

[Via Gary from Mandyleigh Storm – see Mandyleigh on Sellaband]


4 thoughts on “Proposal To Generate Electricity Via A Electro-Kinetic Road Ramp

  1. Ocean wave powered electrical generators produce an uninterupted supply of energy and they are often designed around the bending of hinges to pump hydraulic fluid to drive generators. The Electro-Kinetic Road Ramp depends on the irregular action of vehicles driving over it instead. Creating “Free” Electricity is not the problem, keeping it free is. Trying to watch football on a TV powered by intermittent bursts of 10Kw takes all the fun out of it. To provide a constant supply electrical energy storage batteries would be needed for the Electro-Kinetic Road Ramp and thats where the idea fails. Once you put all that “free” electricity into an L16 rechargable lead acid battery it’ll cost 4-6 times as much per Kwh to get it back than it would if you paid for it directly from the grid. For example; a $60.00 33AH lead acid battery provides 400 watts per discharge multiplied by 250 battery life cycles equals 60 cents per Kwh verses 10 cents per Kwh from the grid. The idea will be worth what they purport when batteries cost less than 1/6th their current price. Until then all we’re doing is re-inventing stupidity.


  2. It’s a good point Jeff, sometimes we make things harder for ourselves. But it’s going to be an idea like this that takes off and gets us the energy we need without relying on fossil fuels.


  3. Caling someone or something stupid is wrong. There is merit in this idea based on scientic study. I have seen studies and working models of thisidea that are superior to the example discussed here. I suspect that a superior design and proper placement in specific roads will make this idea a financial and economic winner.

    In a face to face discussion, would you call someone stupid to their face because you disagree with their solution to a physics problem? Would you tell someone what they are thinking is stupid becaise you disagree with them? i hope not, because we should be able to disagree without insulting someone —— you idiot!

    ( OK, OK – the —– you idiot —– is meant to be humorous, sorry)


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