Song Of The Day – Paul Potts

Paul who? Potts? Never heard of him. Well you probably will soon if this is anything to go by. I normally don’t like these sorts of shows but people love them and I’ll have to admit, with a story like this I can see why. Thanks to ‘Holiday Joel’ for sending me the link.


4 thoughts on “Song Of The Day – Paul Potts

  1. For a guy that had a hard time making ends meet only 30 days ago, Paul Potts is quickly becoming a household name through word of mouth and the power of YouTube on the Internet. I first heard about Paul’s amazing voice on the NBC Nightly News and was so moved I visited YouTube and downloaded Paul Potts audition for the U.K. television show “Britain’s Got Talent”. Talk about a blow you away first performance. Usually things like that don’t happen in real life, but only in the movies and that is why this whole Paul Potts Juggernaut is growing at such an impressive pace.


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