Eco-Car News

Yahoo has launched their Auto Green Center that ranks cars 1 – 100 on various green factors such as pollutants emitted, fuel usage and manufacturing environmental cost. You can also search for cars on the type of fuel they use, such as hybrid electric, ethanol, biodisel or natural gas.

The Zenn Motor company has launched the Zero Emission No Noise car that runs entirely on electricity. For around $12,500 (£6,250) the car will take you 30-40 miles (50-65 km) on one charge that costs about $0.50 (£0.25).


The electric powered Tesla Roadster can reach 130mph but only costs $0.01 per mile (£0.05 per 1.6km) and will take you 250 miles (400km) on one charge.

Ecoigo is an evironmentally friendly car service that use Toyota Prius vehicles and offset the electric usage with Ecotricity. Evo Limo in the US, or Eco Limo in Australia both provide similar services with different forms of energy for their vehicles.

[Via: BBC]


9 thoughts on “Eco-Car News

  1. It will be great when these cars start filtering down to the second-hand car market in the years to come, becoming affordable and a viable option to the working class majority.


  2. I have been picked up at Heathrow by ecoigo and have been very impressed with their services. The drivers know their cars, are interesting people and are very respectful about whether you want to be chatty or not. Great service from the dispatcher too. What a great idea they have. It works.


  3. Great, thanks Lorraine. It’s good to get a personal recommendation when someone’s actually used the a service – cheers.


  4. I would like to bring to your notice that how some students of a non engineering school, collected some house hold ladders to design and make an eco car named as ‘Leon-ardo’ and eventualy won the Shell Eco Marathon Challenege (schools class) by achieving 1552 miles to a single gallon of petrol.
    Amazing but TRUE.
    Honda (Japan) are so impressed with the achievement that they are featuring the team in its ‘GREEN’ film due to be released worldwide in september.
    The students definately need encouragement.
    For further info goto the teams website

    Thanks for your time

    Rupinder Jhita


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