Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 19: 0.7%


I’ve had a break between watching this episode and the previous one so I was really looking forward to it – and it didn’t disappoint. While the fight between Peter and Sylar was shorter than expected – Sylar gaining the upper hand, it lead to some interesting developments. Although Nathan now knows his brother will die in the explosion, his reaction to seeing his brother dead shows how much he actually cares.

Mr Linderman tells us more about him and others. While we’ve other just been introduced to the heroes, there are at least three generations of people with powers. I wonder how Linderman’s healing power has helped he get where he is? And what is Mrs Petrelli’s power and her late husband’s?

There is the unlikely team up of Mr Bennet, Ted and Matt, escaping from Eric Robert’s character and planning to bring down The Company – the fact that Mr Bennet didn’t know Linderman in charge casts doubt on how much he knows.

Niki and DL have little to do this episode, Micah may be the best character of that trio.

And Hiro – again not in it enough, but the ending was great. I really hope this series doesn’t stop!


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