Cool Recycled Gifts

For my recent birthday, one of the gifts I received was a cool coaster made from a recycled printed circuit board.

It came from Revolve, based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. They believe that they can make an environmental difference to the way people buy giftware and what they buy. Besides the coasters, they also make notebooks, mousemats, christmas decorations and loads of other stuff from printed circuit boards, plastic bags, juice cartons, coffee cups, CDs, plastic bottles, paper and yoghurt pots.

Revolve Notebooks Revolve CDs Revolve Mousemats

I’ve just ordered a business card holder, as fellow author Tricia has already got one.


8 thoughts on “Cool Recycled Gifts

  1. Looks great, but I have a little difficulty figuring out whether the material is actually paxoline or fibre glass, just like P.C. boards or is the P.C. board completely transformed into a less harmful substance.


  2. Very nice. Most of us probably throw right away the things that have no more use for us or some of the things that we consider broken. In fact, if those things are recycled they can be used for various purposes. And not only that, you can also make money from them. The gift items from Revolve are quite interesting too. Thanks for featuring this.


  3. I love recycled gifts! I made a slew of wristlets from recycled biker chaps and horse riding chaps, people love them! On my website,, I make baby shoes from recycled suedes and leathers. These are barely or never worn pieces of clothing that will end up sold by the ton and sent where they’ll never get worn! What waste…


  4. I really love this idea. It’s more fun, I think, to receive a consciencious gift than something that I don’t need/want with more than it’s weight in packaging. Plus, just look how fun that notebook is! Recycled gifts are fun to give and receive.


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