Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 20: Five Years Gone


I enjoyed the last episode of Heroes so much I thought this couldn’t be as good. Turns out this was the best episode yet. It was phenomenal. So much has changed in the five year and when we think one thing has happened, we learn it was another. We thought that it wasn’t Peter who blew up New York, but Sylar. But then in fact it was Sylar and that’s not Nathan, it’s Sylar. Matt is a bad guy, then a good guy protecting his child, then a bad guy again. People like Candice and DL had parts to play – making Sylar the man he is, and Mohinder seems to be on the bad guys side – a war has broken out between the heroes.

It was just a great episode. Peter is everything you want him to be, in control of his powers and maybe the strongest hero there is, I couldn’t help smiling as when he saves future Hiro by stopping time and again when he decides not to as he hasn’t had a good fight for ages.

Future Hiro dying may actually be a good thing, with Hiro taking on the mantle and determined to save Ando. Their friendship is one of the strongest and real things in the show and makes you want Hiro to save Ando at all costs.

Sides switched so often, it was hard to tell what was going on, but what we do know is the future needs to be stopped – Sylar kills Claire, has killed Nathan and countless others and is the president. Even if Peter managed to defeat him (a fight we will surely see) then the world is still in a bad way. Come on Hiro, save the world!


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