Smoking Ban May Increase Global Warming

Whilst personally I can’t wait until the smoking ban comes into force in England (July 1st 2007), it may have a series of unintended consequence according to this BBC article.

As well as potentially causing people to take up smoking (all their friends are outside), increasing passive smoking in children (due to more smoking in the home), and increasing chef’s wages (as pubs turn to food to keep customers), the ban may also have an impact on gloabl warming.

A lot of money is being spent by pub chains on outdoor smoking areas. With the wonderful British climate being as it is, this means for at least half the year it is cold and wet, so the installation of gas powered patio heaters is essential to some. However, according to Friends of the Earth using a gas-fired heater for just one hour can waste enough energy to make 400 cups of tea.

With multiple heaters and thousands of pubs, that’s a lot of “wasted” energy!

[Via: BBC]


8 thoughts on “Smoking Ban May Increase Global Warming

  1. It certainly is crazy with the things they come up with nowadays! New Zealand has had the smoking ban in pubs and restaurants for nearly 2 years and I think it’s been for the better. After a few fines were dished out for publicans resisting, things settled down. In true kiwi style, though, some pub owners bought old buses and parked them outside the pub, serving drinks etc and allowing smokers inside the “not-technically-a-pub” make shift pub.


  2. Sounds inventive! I think it’s different here though, enclosed public spaces are also covered by the ban, hence the bus would be banned to. Unless it didn’t have a roof….


  3. New York City has had a ban on indoor smoking for a few years and I can’t tell you how much more enjoyable life is not having to walk to a pub or restaurant smelling clean and leave smelling like burnt tar. But more importantly, everyone in NYC said patrons would travel to a place that didn’t have the ban but that never happened. They also said it would cost businesses more; it didn’t. And everyone said they would smoke in the streets – but they always did! So, for non-smoking New Yorkers like myself, it was great.

    BTW, New York eateries can have a smoking section if it meets two guidelines: 1. The smoking section has a separate ventilation system not connected in any way to the ventilation system for the non-smoking section. 2. The waiters & waitresses have to volunteer to work in that area.

    No one in the city, that I know of, built a separate venting system but there isn’t a shortage of patrons at the popular clubs, pubs, and restaurants; I know because I still have to wait in line and make a reservation 3 weeks in advance to many of them. I’m confident that smokers will just go out side to get their fix regardless if someone builds an outdoor heater for the cooler months or not.


  4. Thanks C.G, the famous “they” said the same about Dublin and the problems never manifested in the large way it was suggested. Well, it starts tomorrow, so we’ll see!


  5. The state of New Mexico, as of June 15, 2007, became the first state to totally ban smoking in public areas. You can still smoke on your own property or in your car, that’s about it. No smoking in parking lots, on sidewalks, in the street, in restaurants or bars, etc. When New Mexico governor Bill Richardson was asked “But what will smokers do?” he replied something along the lines of “well, maybe they’ll just have to quit.” He had no interest in trying to appease the smoking crowd. While some restaurants and bars were concerned, those that had banned smoking years earlier reported increased patronage and profits.

    I believe everyone will be pleasantly surprised, except, perhaps, the smokers.


  6. I Think The Smoking Ban Is Stupid. It’s Gunna Increase Global Warming And You Don’t See A Guy Who Smokes 4 Fags Wanting To Fight But A Guy Whos 4 Pints Might Do Eh?


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