Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 21: The Hard Part


Okay, okay it was a quieter episode this one, but what it did do was allow a bit of character development and we can take a breath before the last two episodes of the first season of this remarkable show.

Sylar and Hiro show more of their personalities in this episode. Sylar reveals he’s not a heartless killer and kills only is there’s something in it for him – exploding is not something that interests him. He tries to go back to a normal life. However by the end his quest not to become special has reversed and he wants to seek out Ted.

After seeing the future, Hiro wants to make sure it doesn’t happen, but that includes not becoming the future Hiro – meaning he can’t kill Sylar – even when he’s frozen time.

And more people reveal their intentions. Mrs Petrelli joins Mr Linderman, The Company (the grey haired guy is called Thompson) and Hiro’s dad (Mr Nakamura) in wanting the explosion to happen.

Peter and Claire don’t do much until the end, but the threesome of Mr Bennet, Parker and Ted seem to have a goal to stop the Walker system – but they don’t realise it’s a little girl. Actually, it’s nice to see Mohinder help Molly – he’s actually done some good!

And the end does manage to keep us wanting more. It may have been quiet but I enjoyed it as usal. Only two more to go – wooooo.


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