Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 22: Landslide


So I was wrong about Hiro’s dad – old Sulu from Star Trek seems to be a good guy and able to teach swordsmanship in an afternoon. I wonder what his power is? I feel bad for Ando though, there’s only one way it could end, unless it turns out a normal person saves the day.

This episode stepped up a pace after last week. Mr Bennet’s willingness to kill Johnson and maybe even Molly was a shock, but not as much as Mr Linderman buying the farm. Or has he? He seems to have been pretty powerful and if he can heal others like Nathan’s wife, then maybe he can heal himself, a bit like Claire.

It was nice to see both Peter and Sylar comfortable with their powers – Peter takes on Matt’s power easily and Sylar can not only control his hearing better than the woman he killed for it, but Ted’s too. Poor Ted, although he was annoying.

Claire was pushed into the background as events focused on the election and the forthcoming explosion. DL also seems to be dead and with so much happening with everyone, little touches like Candice actually looking like someone other than we think could get lost. But it’s insights like this, Claire mentioning wearing a costume and that Nathan’s father was also powerful that gives the series such depth.

I’m already looking beyond the next episode to see where the series can go from here. But in the meantime there’s one more episode to enjoy.


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