Sending Electronic Waste Abroad

The US state of California sends approximately 20m pounds of electronic waste (e-waste) abroad each year. Some of this is toxic materials that these countries are not supposed to accept, such as those containing barium, cadmium, mercury and lead. However controls are not strict enough, and resources not great enough to prevent a lot of this material being sent abroad.

Top Californian e-waste destinations
Malyasia – 7.9m lbs
Brazil – 3.6m lbs
South Korea – 3.5m lbs
China – 2.3m lbs
Mexico – 1.8m lbs
Vietnam – 0.7m lbs
India 0.2m lbs

With the increasing numuber of people aware of the need to recycle, it’s sad to see that efforts are not taken quite as much at the other end. What actually happens to the waste you send to be recycled? We’ll be looking at that very soon.

[Via: Union Tribune]


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