61 Online Video Sharing Websites Reviewed In The Ultimate Guide

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38 thoughts on “61 Online Video Sharing Websites Reviewed In The Ultimate Guide

  1. Good overview but several mistakes – e.g. Spymac is all about revenue sharing, they give 50% of their advertising revenue to the top users of each month!


  2. Hi

    Thanks for your comment. However giving revenue to the top users doesn’t make the grade in our opinion as it’s not available to all, it’s a prize/contest rather than complete revenue sharing. We’re happy to correct any other errors if you let us know what they are.


  3. hey

    thanks for reviewing our site, http://www.sumo.tv. we are still very much in beta and adding to the site each day. we have recently improved the quality of our video uploads quite significantly, and would appreciate if you could take the time to re-upload and update rating in any future version planned.

    thanks for a great article


  4. I would say .wmv as it’s a Microsoft site, though I’ve noticed very little difference between .avi and .wmv, I haven’t tried .mp4. Bit rate and resolution are really up to you, the best quality input usually gives the best quality output, I like to optimise my videos with quality settings so that the file is around the max file size the sites allow you to upload.


  5. The idea of providing a video site with examples off the video quality to compare, is brilliant as you can see that the encoding varies but it still remains that FLV/Flash embeds.

    The Matrix shows the features the site logos, online storage info, whether or not if they adshare or pay you great overview.


  6. We have jsut launched a new web site for independent film makers and groups who want thier own customized channel and identity. Dont get lost in YOutube noise. create your own channel and upload and showcase your idependent films. Coming soon pay per view options and catalog options for filmakers.


  7. I plan on starting a video sharing website like YouTube (I know, I know….), who can I contact to build website for me


  8. Hi Joshua, I can’t help you there. I know there are a lot of scripts you can buy that do this and even some of the sites like you have a min-sharing site of your own. The Revver plugin for WordPress lets your visitors upload videos “to your site” but I’m not sure about building the site from scratch, sorry.


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