Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 23: How To Stop An Exploding Man


So it’s finally arrived. The final episode of Heroes. And it was a cracker. And a culmination of what all came before it does leave some questions, but I like finding out and didn’t feel annoyed at all.

Hiro saves Ando and for a moment it seems only Sylar dies. But then he doesn’t and will Pete of Nathan survive? What we saw in Five Years Gone doesn’t come to pass, Nathan steps up to the plate and helps Peter. Or so it seems, maybe it still does, we’ll have to wait and see. Why Peter can’t control his power I’m not sure, Sylar has he same one and he can but maybe it takes him longer.

Claire shows she is a true hero as does Hiro. Peter going into the past to see the man he looked after was an unexpected highlight, what does that generation have to do with everything and what powers do they have? Maybe the rumoured spin-off series, Heroes: Origins, will tell us.

If you can’t wait until September 24 for the next series (in America at least), you can find rumours and news at this excellent site.


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