100 Ways To Save The Planet – Part 6

Some money ways to help save the planet – links to the previous posts can be found on the left, under Go Green.

41. Buy organic milk. Producing one litre of non-organic milk uses more than three times the amount of energy it takes to make one a litre of organic milk.

42. Drink tap water. New York City have just announced a big drive for it and Salt Lake City are likely to follow. In the UK we’re better at drinking tap water but still pay around 1,500 times the amount to buy it in a bottle. The glass and plastic bottles they come in as well as the delivery miles, recycling energy etc all make it not very eco-friendly.

43. Cut down on eating meat. Number 13 in this list was to become a vegetarian and following that theme of the amount of energy it uses to raise cattle, it also damages the environment as more land is needed to graze animals. It’s estimated that 40 per cent of the Amazon rainforest has been cleared to graze cattle for export.

44. Don’t buy cut flowers. Every year, the UK spends around £1.35 billion on cut flowers, 80% of which are imports. Such flowers are usually flown in, which gives them a massive carbon footprint because of aviation emissions. Instead, buy potted UK-grown plants or flowers that are UK-grown and in season. Try www.tree2mydoor.com or www.charityflowers.co.uk.

45. Re-use old computers rather than throwing them away. See the Life Goggles article here.

46. Cut off the top off your almost empty toothpaste tube. Sounds extreme but it’ll make it go further, saves waste, and every little helps.

47. Buy in bulk. It’s cheaper and limits the waste generated through packaging items individually. Don’t need much? Combine orders with a friend or neighbour. Try wholesalers www.suma.co.uk or www.infinityfoods.co.uk.

48. Register on www.mpsonline.org.uk and get rid of all that unwanted junk mail. In Britain around four billion direct mail items are sent every year – most end up in the bin. You can recycle most of it, but if you don’t want it anyway then refuse to have it!

49. Reflect on it. Reflective radiator panels can fit perfectly behind radiators. They are cheap to buy, easy to install and reflect back heat that would otherwise drift through the wall. They can be bought from DIY stores (avoid those made from PVC) or you can make your own by wrapping tinfoil around cardboard.


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