Book An Eco-Friendly Taxi

There are a variety of ‘green’ taxi services available these days, our Eco-Car news mentions Ecoigo (London, UK), Evo Limo (US), Eco Limo (LA, US), PlanetTran (Boston, US) and Eco Limo (Australia). London also has greentomatocars, and now Climatecars. The eco-friendly taxi service will soon drive eight Toyota Prius cars. The company is targeting London’s corporate market, offering first class service and extras like complimentary magazines, newspapers and Belu mineral water (the “first bottled water that doesn’t contribute to climate change”).

Climate Cars

A difference is that Climatecars offers a bicycle rescue service. Every Climatecar keeps a bicycle rack in the boot. Cyclists who had an sunny ride to work but face rain on their way home, can take a cab home with their bicycle strapped to the back. The service comes at no extra charge, and offers a practical solution for consumers who’d like to use their bicycles as much as possible, but don’t enjoy cycling when it’s cold, dark and wet.

[Via: Springwise]


6 thoughts on “Book An Eco-Friendly Taxi

  1. Once upon a time there was a company called Carmic Cars, thought to be the most ecologically sound car service in the UK. They only used hybrid cars and then offset 250% of their emissions, green and clean. However, Carmic Cars are becoming Carmic Green and are getting better and better; they have Nintendo’s in each car, free bottled water, a plug in for an iPod to play through the car stereo and a selection of the latest magazines such as Vanity Fair and Esquire in each car.
    They’re a great company and allow their clients to be greener while simply conducting themselves as before. Check them out on


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