Going Green – Fact, Fad or Fiction?

“Going green” is certainly something many of us are attempting and almost all will have heard about. Environmentally related issues seem to dominate media attention and scientific study. A lot of people are certainly caught up in eco fever, finding interesting methods to live and thrive with as little perceived environmental impact as possible.

Whilst considering all the hype, I do wonder if it is a fleeting fad that will soon lose its current gusto or are we really experiencing the beginnings of a dramatic shift in our society that will pave the way of life for generations to come. I guess the real answer is that only time will tell, however it is an interesting point to consider nevertheless.

It is possible that following an eco-friendly lifestyle is nothing more than a fleeting fad for the majority of society. If this is so, then it will only be a matter of time before it loses popularity and another lifestyle will be favoured. This would be highly devastating to the health of the planet and so perhaps could not be sustained for long.

The simple fact that the resource base to sustain our current global societal structure is either not great enough, or not managed efficiently enough, is cause for an inevitable shift in our lifestyle. For this reason, I think that at least some changes are necessary no matter which is the case.

The more optimistic and likely alternative is that our society is setting in for a “green-revolution” in which we will adapt our lifestyle with minor and/or major changes and advances in environmental friendly technology, to live with a smaller environmental impact.

Perhaps we really are setting in motion the next big human social evolution, just like that which was seen with the industrial revolution and all the consequences that ensued, and what an exciting thought that is!


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