Free Energy Saving Light Bulbs

As previously discussed British Gas were offering free energy saving lightbulbs to anyone who requests them if you lived in London, England. However the offer has now closed. My pack has just arrived so here are what the contents are.

Forgive me, my digital camera has packed up, so my mobile phone camera will have to do.

Green Survival Kit 1

1. Letter telling me how much I could save with British Gas. Er, I don’t think so, but thanks.

2. 30 Ways to Save the Planet “Top Trumps”. Not as good as our 100 Ways but at least you can play a game with these. For those outside the UK, Top Trumps is a card game where each card has a series of ratings on it for each category (in this case ways of saving energy like turning down the thermostat, with ratings such as CO2 savings, cost, effectiveness etc) and players compete to gain all the cards by beating the other players ratings.

3. Two 60W bayonet cap (a UK thing) energy saving Philips lightbulbs.

4. A very small energy saving guide.

5. Mobile phone recycling envelope.

6. Ways to save energy and money mini magazine.

7. Leaflet on incentives from Mayor of London to get cavity wall or loft insulation.

8. Seven energy saving stickers to put on kettles, mobile phone chargers etc.

Green Survival Kit 2

Overall pretty good for free!


4 thoughts on “Free Energy Saving Light Bulbs

  1. Wow that certainly is a fantastic offer! Perhaps it’s just clever marketing on British Gas’ part, but why not take advantage of that anyway? Hopefully it will cause other businesses to think about similar marketing strategies, which in turn will also benefit the consumers.


  2. I think it’s a case of a not particularly environmentally friendly company trying to prove it’s green. But why not take advantage?


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