100 Ways To Save The Planet – Part 7

Phew, halfway. Unless I get to 102 of course, then just ignore me. Links to the previous posts can be found on the top left of any Life Goggles page under Go Green.

50. Understand your carbon footprint. A lot of these ideas will be helping reduce your carbon footprint anyway, but what is it? As explained here your “carbon footprint” is a fancy name for measuring how much carbon dioxide your actions produce (as oppose to ‘you’ produce. Breathing out is a neccessity). Whether or not you believe carbon dioxide is the cause of global warming or not, it is harmful to the environment and reducing your carbon footprint is a great idea. You can work out your carbon footprint here.

51. Turn down your thermostat. Turning your thermostat down by one degree centigrade could save a typical home almost £50 a year.

52. Start carbon rationing. You can find out more here.

53. Have a green wedding. Life Goggles talks about it here. You can source most of the things – from the food to the electricity used, to the dress and the napkins in an environmentally friendly way. Or don’t get married at all. It’s less hassle.

54. Avoid PBDE’s. Polybrominated diphenlethers are in a lot of furniture – added to foam as a fire retardant – and electronics. PBDE’s are harmful to the environment and there are more natural alternatives – check with manufacture

55. Get a Savasocket. It provides a remote switch off for all devices connected via one mains extension panel. It should be available to buy very soon.

56. Charge your phone with a wind-up charger. It’s not a practical, everyday option, but when you can’t access electricity it’s a great idea.

57. If a wind-up phone charger sounds too much effort, try a wind powered one! Seems a good idea but would be better if you could use it for radios, fridges etc as well.

58. Discourage slugs and snails an environmentally friendly way. Pesticides to kill slugs and snails are called molluscicdes and not only do they kill them, they’ll also harm their predators like hedgehogs and birds. Even dogs can be poisioned by them and if they touch your prize lettuce then it’ll be unsafe for you to eat. Remove areas in your garden which are favoured as a slug and snail habitat – moist, shady areas. Liming beds will also prevent acidity and planting spiky and aromatic plants tend to discourage them and laying broken eggshells may help as they tend to avoid jagged edges. If those tips don’t help, a barrier of vegetation such as wilted comfy leaves around vulnerable plants can act as a decoy.

59. Start wearing hemp clothing, Hemp can grow well without herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. You can find many hemp places online like Sativa or at markets.


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