100 Ways to Save The Planet – Part 8

Some more tips for you, the rest can be found here or under Go Green – at the top left of every Life Goggles page.

60. Don’t hang about. Wire hangers are everywhere and aren’t very environmentally friendly. Start hanging everything up with pride and use some EcoHangers from the Hanger Network.

61. Spare your towels. Staying in a hotel? Ask for your towels to be washed every other day instead of every day to help save water – the planet’s most precious, and rapidly disappearing, resource.

62. Use low-VOC paints. Volatile organic compounds are in paints, stains and other coverings in our home. Next time you deside to redocorate, use non-petrochemical, low-VOC paints.

63. Download your music. Personally I prefer having a physical CD, mainly due to the ease of ripping it to my computer and putting it on an mp3 player which can be a hassle with the copy protection the digital download sites put on music. However that CD needs to be made, packaged and delivered both to the shop and to me. It takes far less energy to download an album so it’s more enviornmentally friendly. Record companies and mp3 sites should promote this more and all they need to do after that is get rid of the damn DRM (digital rights management).

64. Most people by now have heard of freecycle.org, but in the UK there’s also the Furniture Reuse Network which is much more ethical than throwing away your unwanted sofa.

65. Buy a bamboo towel. Three times more absorbent than cotton and a more renewable resource. Try Love Eco.

66. Switch off in traffic. Turn off the engine if you think you’ll be stationary for more than two minutes. Idling for this long burns more fuel than it takes to restart the car.

67. Turn your old bath tub into a sofa. Well you might not be able to do it yourself, but The Green Haus will do it for you. It gives a unique look to your home and saves adding to the landfill mountain.

68. Put newspaper under your carpet and in gapes in skirting boards. It’ll help stop heat escaping as will using a sealant or wooden beading around the edges.

69. Bring your own mug or glass to work. Reusing your mug is mug nicer and less wasteful than using polystryrene or plastic cups – and cheaper too.


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