How To Be A Green Student

It’s almost time to go back to school, college or university and it’s a great time to start environmentally practices which will last a life time. There are many things a student can do to be green, just check out our 100 Ways To Save The Planet, but here are some specific ways that you can do to be green:

Dorm Room
There are many little things you can do in your room to be green. Check the lightbulbs are energy saving, switch off computers and unplug chargers. But you can also be environmentally friendly in the bed linen you buy – organic sheets and pillow cases, as well as silk filled duvets can be found at So Organic for the UK and Gaiam in the US. A quick Goggle search will help. They’re not cheap but should last a long time.

Washing and Ironing
Don’t do it. Well okay you’re far removed from the typical image of unwashed, dishevelled student, but you can cut down on washing and ironing. Group together to do a joint wash and use eco-friendly washing powder and fabric condition like from Ecover or Seventh Generation.

Water: don’t keep buying those plastic bottles. Get yourself a stainless steel water bottle that will last a lifetime and you can still fill it up with filtered water – why not use the water fountains on campus?
Alcohol: it’s tough to be green while drinking. But there are many organic beers out there, try the micro breweries or in the UK the Sam Smith chain of pubs does a range of organic drinks.

There’s one thing that studying involves, and that’s a lot of writing. You can now get pencils using wood from sustainable forests, notepads made from juice cartons, pens from plastic cups and car parts, pencil cases and mousemats from tyres (tires). They’re everywhere now, try So Organic again in the UK or Goodkind Pen in the US. Even if you pen isn’t recycled, get one that can be refilled, Staples sells refillable pens and Pilot make a range too.

Buy used. As simple as that. Look on noticeboards for students selling theres if there isn’t a secondhand bookshop around. And if you have to buy new see what sort of paper it’s printed on, if it isn’t recycled or environmentally friendly, ask your course tutor why not?

Air Fresheners
For whatever you need a fresher (or different) smell in your room, steer clear of the spray type air fresheners. Use natural oils, lavenders or light a natural beeswax candle which has a nice smell.

Dress Green
Buy organic cotton clothes or ones made from hemp. If that’s beyond your budget, buy used or vintage clothes – not only is vintage trendy at the moment, it’s better for the environment to re-use.

Look Green
Buy a plant. It will make the room look nicer and is said to lead to fresher air. And you can never have enough of that.

Live Green
Try and been green in everything you do – take a bike or walk to your class. Don’t have a car. Try and change the attitude of others and start a behavioural pattern that will stay with you for the rest of your life.


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