The Champions Of Recycling In England

Having not even realised a league table of recycling was available, I nearly missed this story. Apparently Sleaford in North Kesteven in England recycles 51.5% of its household waste, which on it’s own deserves to be applauded. However just four years ago its recycling rate was only 3.4%.

Sleaford via BBC

They have done this is a number of ways. A controversial move is reducing rubbish collections to fortnightly (or “alternate weekly” is the new jargon), as some fear that instead of encouring recycling it encourages illegal dumping. Another move is to have a huge number of muli-coloured bins, one for garden waste, one for paper, plastic and glass, and one for “normal” waste.

Keeping it simple, is the message and in one town it works. How is the recycling where you live? Simple or overly complicated? Easy to do or too much hassle?

[Via: BBC]


2 thoughts on “The Champions Of Recycling In England

  1. We have developed a machine to help recycle polystyrene which nobody does at the moment but we are struggling to get local authorities to take it up.


    If local authorities used this system they could take this material out of landfill alltogether. Some estimates say that polystyrene accounts for up to 1% of landfill. Can’t confirm that catagorically though at the moment.

    Still, we think it is a worthwhile thing to do.

    See for info.


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