The Fun Green Roundup #1

Life Goggles regularly does a green news round up, but here I thought we’d link to the cooler, funnier or weirder green stories we’ve come across in the last week or so. Let us know if you find any by adding a comment in the box below.

Will Ferrell gets gas
Treehugger reports on how comedian and film star Will Ferrell has been given one of BMW’s first Hydrogen 7 cars. “The Hydrogen 7 doesn’t use a fuel cell, but a normal ICE engine which can run on either hydrogen or gasoline. When running on Hydrogen the only emissions are water vapour. However, there is a long tail-pipe problem as with electric cars, in that producing the hydrogen uses a large amount of energy. In truth, these cars will do little to reduce the emissions of daily transport, but will at least create cleaner air for cyclists and pedestrians.”

Twenty-five of the initial 100 cars produced are being given to celebrities to promote the car.

Mighty mouse
I saw this in a few different places but as I like Groovy Green they can have the credit. A solar powered mouse is in development. How it works a) when your hand is on it, or b) at night, remains to be seen.

Black screen
Usually a black screen on your computer means the screen saver’s on or you’ve switched the plug off. But it turns out that your screen uses less energy when it’s showing black that other colours. Check out Life Goggles’ report on how Google could help reduce energy use.

Good vibrations
According to excellent UK magazine,New Consumer, you can now get that vibrator you’ve had lying about for ages recycled. Maybe one for the adult industry who must get through a fair amount, as I’m not sure how long they last but I can’t imagine vast numbers are thrown away. But I suppose they do wear out and break so this is a better option than adding them to the landfill mountain.

A battery breeze
Once again Groovy Green reports that mobile telcom company Orange have developed a wind powered solar charger for mobile (cell) phones. Ideal for that festival or camping trip – especially as you know as soon as that tent is put up the sun will hide away. Obviously you need wind, but that’s no problem in the UK where it’s being launched.

Women love a green guy
Well according to Nuts magazine they do. And not just this Green Guy where the article was reported.

And finally…
With a slim link to the environment as the product has two uses, comes a table which can be taken apart to become a bat and a shield to fight off home intruders. The pictures have to be seen to be believed and are available over at Spulch. What’s next, a footstool that’s also a riot helmet?


3 thoughts on “The Fun Green Roundup #1

  1. Armand Rousso, you seems very PRO environment these days… are you doing a new Business in this sector ? I like your new blog… keep in touch. Charles aka Cojak


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