How Your Business Can Recycle Paper

It may seem obvious, but a lot of us still do not recycle office paper and newspapers. Offices of small and medium sized businesses account for nearly two thirds of all commercial waste and yet most are not recycling. Paper used in photocopies and printers has the lowest recycling rate of all types of paper, at just 14% in the UK.

Recycle Logo

It’s easy for busineses to recycle paper, the following links should get your business started in no time.


Recycle Now
WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme)
Paper Round (Friends of the Earth)
London specific:
The Laundry
London Remade
First Mile


Recycle at Work
National Recycling Coalition


Recycle @ Work

Please let us know below of any other links that you think would be useful.


5 thoughts on “How Your Business Can Recycle Paper

  1. Im not seeing anything for Canada, Ontario. I want to suggest something to my boss regarding some sort of recycling plan for our paper and card bored waste. Currently there is no recycling being done here and it really bothers me, any suggestions please?


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